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3 Tips for Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Landscape maintenance can be tricky. Whether it’s keeping a lawn clean and manicured, sculpting bushes or shrubs to look just right, or keeping your hardscapes clean and intact, there’s never a shortage of work that can be done. This is true for the landscaping at your home, and it is especially true for commercial landscaping.

By utilizing the right commercial landscaping services, tools, and professionals you can effectively maintain a landscape that won’t only improve your business’ curb appeal and general aesthetic appeal, but will also clearly illustrate your professionalism, attention to detail, and investment in a job well done.

Here are four simple commercial landscaping tips that will ensure your landscape is nothing short of brilliant.

Timing is Everything

Not only do you want to work on landscape care when there aren’t a lot of people around, but you also want to water, prune, mulch, and fertilize at specific times during the day, season, and year. By scheduling your landscaping maintenance at the right times you can take full advantage of seasonal conditions, plant growth cycles, and more.

This won’t only improve the effectiveness of your landscaping efforts, but it will also make maintaining and improving your landscaping easier, more cost-effective, and ultimately, just nicer to look at.

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Emphasize Those Edges

There are few things more important in landscaping than edges. Edges tend to be the most active and transitional features of any landscape design, as they signify when one area ends and another begins and provides your commercial landscaping layout with order and structure.

As such, properly maintaining your edges is one of the best things you can do for your commercial landscape setup. People tend to navigate by edges as well—whether that’s via sidewalk, street, a grassy area, or defined walking path—so ensuring that each and every edge in your design is sharp and clear is necessary for both aesthetic and safety purposes.

Edges tell people where to go and where not to go. By really emphasizing the proper maintenance and upkeep of your landscaping edges, you’re not only promoting a more attractive design but you’re also promoting a safer, more structured layout that everyone and anyone will be able to navigate and enjoy.

Find an Expert

When it comes to maintaining a landscape, you need to make sure that you’re using the right tools. While a traditional lawn mower or rake can get the job done in some cases, if you want your landscape to truly thrive, then you’re going to want to look into a professional who can offer you and your business the highest-quality commercial landscape maintenance services.

Landscaping professionals know all the tools-of-the-trade that go above and beyond what most people think of as landscape maintenance. For example, instead of just raking up leaves and other debris, experienced commercial landscapers know that a rake can (and should) also be used to give the soil a “wake-up call.”

By mixing the soil with a rake, you can give your lawn’s soil an invigorating boost of energy that can help revitalize it after a dry spell or particularly cold season. It also gives you an opportunity to inspect the lawn as you work, pinpointing areas that need some extra care.

Mastering Maintenance

Your commercial landscape should be one of your business’ (many) highlights. The more manicured, organized, and clean your design is, the easier it’ll be for people to enjoy and appreciate it. This not only makes your business look good but can help incentivize prospective customers to check out what you have to offer them.

So don’t skimp on commercial landscape maintenance services! Emphasize a beautiful and practical design, hire an expert to help develop that design and turn it into a reality, and then keep it fresh and flawless by properly emphasizing its continued maintenance. Your customers, employees, and profit margins will thank you for it.

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