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Planning A Beautiful Yard Makeover

A complete makeover for your yard comes with a lot of tasks and often requires a lot of planning, creativity, and problem-solving. You may have your ideal garden envisioned in your head, but bringing those ideas into reality isn’t an easy task.

By preparing yourself with these quick facts, you’ll be able to work better with a landscaping architect to redesign your yard the way you’ve always imagined.

Why Make It Over?

A lot of people don’t get to put as much time into their yard as they’d like when first building a new home. They’re often too busy with all the other distracting factors that go into establishing their house. The great thing about landscaping is that it can always be made over or upgraded. Even if the look has been working for you for quite some time, a little change in your yard can make a noticeable improvement to your entire property.

If you’re taking on a yard makeover, you first need to figure out just how extensive of a makeover this is going to be and what exactly has lead you to think it needs a makeover.

To achieve your ideal yard, you may have to pull up bushes that have well-established roots. You may have to chop down a tree that’s close to 100 years old. Some people like to completely start from scratch, but some of the nature on your property has been there long before you. Some of it will be there long after you’ve gone and it’s up to you to care for these things.

Take A Walk

A good place to start is by simply taking a walk around the property. Take note of the things you’d miss if they were gone. Mark them with little yard flags or note them down on a list so you don’t forget about them. Everything else is up for reinterpretation.

Remember that whatever you choose to keep will become part of your new design. You don’t want to keep things that would seem out of place compared to the new work you’ll be having done. A huge boulder that looks like it doesn’t belong among your flowers will obviously stick out and detract from the beauty growing around it.

If you’re not the creative type, or you’ve never done a yard makeover, don’t hesitate to contact an expert sooner rather than later! A landscape designer can help you figure out what you want to keep and what you want to add. They’ll also be able to inspire you to create features you maybe never thought of.

It’s alright for you to dream on your own, but remember that some of your dreams have physical limitations. You’ll need someone with experience to tell you what is and isn’t a reality, or to show you how they’ll make something seemingly impossible become a possibility.

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If you’re in need of some inspiration, then try signing up for a garden tour or visit a famous park. Sometimes you don’t get to understand the extent of what’s possible until you see it in action.

Many people throughout history have planned gorgeous gardens and yard makeovers before you. The Gardens of Versailles today are only lightly comparable to the extent of how the French executed elaborate, fantastical landscaping centuries ago.

So pick up a book and draw upon the ideas of many who have come before you. As you filter out what you like and what you don’t prefer, you’ll come up with a taste that’s unique to you and your garden alone.

“Zooming In & Out”

Instead of trying to design your entire yard all at once, try breaking it down into featured areas. Much like the rooms of a home, the points of interest on your property can each have their own themes, styles, or concepts. You could have a Hawaiian tiki beach themed pool patio and deck in your backyard, a Mediterranean, classical garden, and beautiful statues with fountains adorning the front yard.  

By “zooming in” and getting hyper-focused on specific areas of your yard one at a time, you’ll be able to get detailed in the design. In time, you’ll start to see the bigger picture and how all of these elements actually blend together as a cohesive space. Suddenly, in between those featured areas, you’ll find the smaller spaces in between that could make for great walkways or patches of grass to play on, which could then lead you to the next points of interest along the property.  

You can “zoom out” as well. Be sure to take a moment to stand back and look at that bigger picture from time to time to make sure that one idea isn’t distracting or detracting in any way from another. Sometimes people get so inside of their own heads that they don’t realize the most obvious of mistakes.

Your property is also where you live, which can be a hindrance. You may become numb to some of the features of your property that are more noticeable to other people who don’t spend as much time looking at it each day. Getting advice from friends, family, or neighbors can give you perspective, but an expert will always have the best advice on how to make all your dreams come true.

Know The Rules

The main limitations that arise with backyard and front-yard landscaping are your budget and the amount of space you have to work with. Beyond that, there may be rules within your neighborhood or city that limit the scope of your creativity.

If you live in a Homeowner’s Association, you may have specific mandatory design requirements or codes that you are expected to follow. Your neighborhood, town, or city may also have their own local laws. If you don’t follow some of these guides, you could be fined or told to remove the landscaping features from your property that aren’t up to code.

If you have a pool or a fireplace/pit you will have to consider the safety regulations that come with them. Pools often require fences. Lighting any fires, even on private property, comes with local and regional fire code enforcement and standards.


Good design requires planning with a solid timetable of when you expect everything to be started and eventually completed. Thinking about your makeover well in advance can help you save time and money. When you’re able to take advantage of some services during prime seasons, the purchased products required will cost less, and certain plants and shrubs are more prime for spreading their roots at different times of the year.

Seasons also play a major role in all landscaping work. Planning around weather and taking advantage of climate conditions is key to getting the work done in an efficient amount of time. There’s no need to hold up a project all winter long. Colder months are not always ideal for landscaping, but design and preparation can be done at any time of the year.

Get The Help You Need

A lot of people keep saying they’re waiting for the right time for a yard makeover, but they never pull the trigger because they don’t think that they have the time or energy to plan everything. That’s where Sheridan Landscaping is here to help. We’ll take the trouble of doing any and all of the difficult stuff, allowing you to focus on all the ways you’re going to enjoy the beautiful new features on your property.

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