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roasting at a campfire

The 6 Best Fire Pit Accessories to Get for Fall

Having a good fire pit design is a must have for an effective outdoor space, as it acts as the focal point for all of your outdoor entertainment and comfort needs. A fire pit is often the centerpiece of a welcoming outdoor living space. Your fire pit should be a hub for conversation, cooking, and fun. However, without the proper tools and accessories on hand, you’re not going to get the most bang for your buck from your fire pit.

With this list of the 6 best fire pit accessories on the market, you can make sure that your fire pit is equipped for any and all situations, guaranteeing that you get the most out of your fire pit.

Safety Screens

A safety screen for your fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor space. Not only do they add an attractive aesthetic quality to your fire pit, but they also keep your guests from straying too close to the flame and accidentally burning themselves. This is an especially important accessory if you have small children running around outdoors. While safety screens may not allow for outdoor fire pit cooking, once the food has been served, use a safety screen as a worry free way of keeping the fire and fun going.

Fire Glass

Fire glass isn’t the first alternative to wood burning, but it’s certainly one of the most appealing. Not only does it give off the appearance of a natural flame, but it also hides the gas jets (if you use a gas fire pit) so you can enjoy all the perks of a natural fire without any of the hassle or distraction. Using fire glass also means you can try out various glass shapes and colors, creating a vibrant, one-of-a-kind fire pit.

Firewood Storage

If you’re working with a wood-burning fire pit, you’ll need a place to store all your firewood. While there are plenty of effective racks and shelves to keep your wood in one place, why not try something more unique? There are a variety of wood stacking sculptures and designs available out there that are not only functional for storage, but also add an extra level of visual appeal that can really help your backyard stand out.

Bug Defense

There are few things more frustrating than being assaulted by bugs and mosquitoes just as the sun sets. While bug spray is always an option, if your goal is to relax and enjoy a pleasant evening outside, you might not want to cover yourself in a sticky, scented spray. As an alternative, try using tiki torches with bug defense fuel, or if you’d rather, just throw some herbs like lavender, mint, or citronella into the fire, as mosquitoes hate them and will keep their distance from the scent.

Grill Grates

Everyone knows fire pits are great for making s’mores, but their cooking potential doesn’t stop there. With a grate, your fire pit can transform into a makeshift grill that allows you to cook over an open flame. It’s a great addition to any evening outdoors, and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Roasting Tools

Speaking of s’mores, any fire pit would be lacking if it wasn’t equipped for all kinds of roasting accessories. There are dozens of tools available for you to choose from, with options ranging from classic marshmallow sticks to hot dog skewers to grilled sandwich cages to popcorn poppers. With these on hand, you can ensure that any outdoor gathering is a hit for everyone and anyone.