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snow falling home

The Dos and Don'ts of Home Snow Removal

Don’t let snow be a concern this winter. Do let us guide you to your best removal options with some helpful tips. There are certain tasks you can try out on your own, but you may reach a point where calling an expert is best.

Don’t Let Snow Build Up

Don’t let that snow build up! Some homeowners risk their safety when they decide to let smaller snow accumulations go untouched. That snow can soon freeze.

Throughout the day, even in frigid temperatures, the sun is beating down on that inch or so of snow in your driveway. There's potential for it to melt and refreeze once the sun sets and temperatures get colder. Consider what happens when another layer of snow falls that very night. You could wake up to an entire foot of snow that now has a troublesome icy center, making it difficult or nearly impossible to create an exit from your home. In any emergency situation like a fire or any medical complications, having no way out puts you at risk.

Do Shovel Often

By shoveling every couple hours during a heavy snow, you’re preventing build-up and having to lift heavier loads later on. Having a clear walkway is also nice if you need an expert to get to your home and perform the more difficult snow removal.

Don’t Forget Your Roof

Have you ever heard of a roof caving in? It happens more often than you think. The same ice that forms throughout the day on your driveway when you leave it untouched is forming on your roof.

As snow piles up, snow storm after snow storm, the weight on your roof could become unbearable for its support beams. The last thing you want in the middle of the winter is a giant hole in your ceiling, leaking out all of your home’s heat.

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Do Keep Your Roof Clear

Clearing your roof of snow could save you a ton of trouble dealing with homeowners insurance. By clearing your roof you’re taking the weight off of your home’s structure.

You need to decide whether getting on the roof yourself is something you want to risk. Some homes have roofs that are easy to access, like ranch or single-level homes. Other homes may have difficult to reach spaces that need to be handled by someone with the right industrial equipment and experience.

Don’t Damage Your Grass

While it’s completely possible for you to remove snow on your own, be cautious of accidentally salting your lawn. Some people salt their icy driveway and then shovel that ice onto their grass, killing their lawn in the process.

Try to stick to clearing your main driveway and walkways as to not drag up grass near corners. It’s not uncommon for blades on snowblowers to be damaged or broken when used improperly. Sheridan can always help you maintain or redesign that lawn in the spring. 

Do Stake Out Your Perimeters

By using brightly colored stakes, cones or flags along your driveways or walkways you’ll be able to clear neat, straight paths. This will help you avoid dragging up grass when clearing snow on your own. It also helps signal anyone you’ve hired to plow your driveway. They will now know how to avoid major obstacles like grass, yard ornaments or curbs that they could damage.

Don’t Be Unorganized

Many people think they’d rather just get the work done, so they go right to it without putting in much thought. It’s always easier to be organized with your snow removal than to have to move the same snow to different piles multiple times.

Sheridan can help you create the most personalized snow removal plan/process that we’ll implement each time we visit your home.

Do Have A Plan

You can start in the middle of your path or driveway and throw or blow snow to either side. You can make evenly sized piles off to both the left and right of your path.

If the path you’re clearing is closer to your actual house, consider only forming a pile away from the home. As snow piles up, you want those piles to form as far away from your house as possible. This makes it easier for a professional to create those exit paths in case of an emergency.

By thinking strategically about your snow removal process you’ll save yourself time and money in the long run. Working with Sheridan for your winter time landscaping needs will help you be more prepared when spring cleaning comes along. We can help you plan out your winter snow removal with a free estimate on our homepage. 

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