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When is the Best Time of Year for Landscape Planning?

Updating your home’s landscaping is a fun and exciting undertaking. It can re-energize your home’s outdoor aesthetics, give you a refreshing change of scenery, and keep your home feeling modern and beautiful. However, if you wait for the spring or summer months to actually get started, you’ll miss out on the best prices and weather conditions for your landscape planning and installation.

While any season can be a good season for your landscape planning, if you want to make sure you give your plans time to evolve and grow, then you should get started in the fall or winter months. This way you can get in contact with a professional during their off-season, which will save you money, allow the contractor to better commit to your individual needs, and ultimately, make sure that your landscape is the best it can be.

Hire a Professional Ahead of Time

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Since the warmer months are the prime time for outdoor living, most people tend to start working on their outdoor landscaping plans at the same time. While this is understandable, it’s also an oversight, as this is the most competitive time for outdoor landscaping projects. This means higher prices, more competition for contractors, and less time for you to perfect your designs.

Instead of beginning your landscaping efforts in earnest during the spring or summer, use this time to assess your outdoor space as it currently is. Decide what areas you want to update and what spaces don’t need to be immediately worked on. If you find yourself wishing you had space for a pool hardscape, for example, make a note of that so you can be sure to include it in your eventual landscaping plan.

This way, when you enter into the off-season months of the fall and winter, you can approach a professional landscaper with a list of desires—or even an outline or blueprint—and work with them personally to set up a plan ahead-of-time. Since it’s the off-season, the landscapers won’t have as many people vying for their attention, meaning you can have their full attention and investment in your unique plans.

Design During the Off-Season

Once you’ve started working with a professional, you can rely on them to start designing a plan for your landscaping in earnest. Since there won’t be as many clients for the landscaper to juggle, you can work with them more closely than if you had approached them during their peak season.

Using the off-season months to design your landscaping plan is also ideal because it gives you an extended, flexible period of time that you can use to fine-tune your blueprints and deal with any obstacles that may or may not come up.

Without a pressing deadline, you and the professional you’re working with can take the time needed to design the best possible plan for your outdoor space. This can be especially important if you’re going to be working with hardscape designs, as they demand more time and attention to do right.

Springing into Action

If you want to fully enjoy your outdoor space during the peak summer months, then you’re going to want to use the spring months to begin the construction and installation of your fully-fleshed-out landscaping plans.

Again, since you’ve been working with a landscaper for awhile at this point, you can get into the actual installation process in early spring before their schedule becomes overbooked and their prices increase. As soon as the ground thaws and the design work is done, you can be at the top of your contractor’s list and the installation can get started.

There’s not a particular season that’s absolutely ideal for landscape planning, but the earlier you can get started the better off you’ll be.

The autumn and winter months are usually best for planning a design and communicating with a professional landscaper, and early spring is ideal for the installation. However, even these recommendations can be flexible. Depending on your budget and your schedule, you can set-up a timeline that best works for you and your needs.

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